Alien She (_wargasm_) wrote in eliteshitrating,
Alien She



Name: raven
Age: 16
Gender: not sure yet
Sexuality: everyone
Your mom's number: 867-5309


Movies: party monster, rocky horror, may, hedwig
Books: Wicked, Sabriel, Lirael, The Abhorsen, Hairstyles of the Damned, Sacrament of Lies
Bands: bikini kill, siouxsie, :w:, hocico, hanzel und gretyl, the sick lipstick, bratmobile, the bangs
Artists: sandy skoglund, charles peterson
Sexual positions: hah.


Drugs: My mom helps me inject heroin into my twat.
Abortion: Is three too many?
Snuff: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
Religion: I love southern baptists.
War: pigs have the powerrrrrrr. dun nun dun.
Porn: plz kthnx.
_wargasm_'s Ass: I love it.


Al Bundy VS Ronald McDonald: Rondal McDonald would give Bundy blocked arteries
banging _wargasm_ VS banging outcelgeist: Myself. Everyday. At ten.
Oderus Urungus VS Nick Cave: Gwar plz.
Punky Brewster VS Jenna Jameson: Pippi Longstocking.


How in the hell did you find this community? I made it.
Why are you an elitist piece of shit? See above.
Post 3 or more pictures of yourself: ok. no.

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